Class Scheduling

Course Proposals and Offerings

The University Registrar’s Office facilitates the complex task of scheduling classes each term for Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Below are overviews for this process in each of the schools.

Yale College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Courses are proposed and offered by departments through a suite of online applications by CourseLeaf. CourseLeaf/CIM is used for proposing new courses and editing existing course information such as the title or course description. CourseLeaf/WEN is used for offering courses for each semester and editing course offering information such as course instructor(s) and meeting patterns for individual terms.

Professional Schools

Each professional school has its own process for proposing and offering courses. Please contact your professional school registrar for more information.

Classroom Requests and Special Needs

Once course offerings are established for each term, the Registrar’s Office will assign classrooms to courses that do not have rooms preassigned by their departments. The Registrar’s Office is not able to accommodate specific building or room requests except for disability or temporary impairment needs registered with the University’s Accommodation Program offered by the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs. Registering with the Accommodation Program is a simple process. For further information, please contact Valarie Stanley. The Registrar’s Office will also do its best to accommodate specific pedagogical needs such as requests for specific technology or room layouts. It is recommended that such pedagogical requests be made at least six weeks prior to the beginning of each term. Only requests submitted through the Pedagogical Needs Request Form will be accepted. 

Classroom Assignments

Room assignments are released through Yale Course Search on a rolling basis, but no later than one week prior to the beginning of each term. The Registrar’s Office places courses in rooms based on enrollment history, enrollment estimates provided by faculty or departments, and other available information. Because student attendance during add/drop can fluctuate , it is the general policy that room changes cannot take place until after the add/drop period has ended unless a reasonable case is made for an immediate change. Requests to change a room after assignments have been posted should be made using the Room Assignment Change Request Form.