Welcome to Classrooms at Yale! 

This Web site is controlled by the University Registrar’s Office. To request a room for an event, please review the Building Use Guide for Yale University Classrooms and refer to the quick links at the right.

  • All requesters must be current Yale students, faculty, staff, or must be sponsored by a Yale department. Groups not affiliated with Yale and wishing to reserve rooms for conferences and other events should contact Yale Conferences & Events.
  • Yale faculty, graduate/professional students, and staff wishing to book a room for an academic event may use 25Live.
  • Undergraduate organizations must be registered with the Yale College Dean’s Office. For more information on registered student groups please refer to the Undergraduate Organizations Web page. Students in registered organizations may use 25Live.
  • Graduate student groups and organizations may use 25Live, but can also contact the McDougal Center in the Hall of Graduate Studies about meeting spaces available specifically for graduate students.

During the academic year, the University Registrar’s Office schedules classrooms that fall under the jurisdiction of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (see list under Classrooms). During the summer months, rooms are booked by Yale Conferences & Events (see link at right). To review the media services available in a particular classroom, go to the ITS Classroom Equipment Web site.